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Don’t make a mistake of focusing too much on new customer acquisition and forgetting existing customers. Remember that it costs 10 times as much to attract a new client as it does to retain an existing one so it is equally important that you focus on both customer retention and acquisition.

Small tokens can go a long way to express your appreciation for your existing customers. With a small investment in sending your customer a brief letter with a small gift such as a couple for a free coffee, you will remind your customers of your existence and make them feel that you care.

Establish connections and negotiate mutually benefiting deals with reputation local businesses that sell related products or services and invest as much in client satisfaction as you do. Offer these valuable deals to your customers and they will appreciate your letting them know about potential savings for the products and services that they may need. 

Make it difficult for your customer to forget about you or your services by keeping contact through regular newsletter or e-zine.  Your newsletter or e-zine content can include information from the Internet and information about your latest offerings.  You can write your own articles or get permission from authors to use their articles free of charge provided that you include a link to their website. 

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