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My Service Description:

I CAN'T STAND WRITING ERRORS! WHY SHOULD *YOU* ACCEPT THEM? I'm Doug, better known as The Grammar Nazi! I am an 8-year Army veteran who specialized in language, literacy and numeracy instruction for the Australian Army. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is seeing poor writing skills in documents. I honestly cannot read anything without looking for spelling, punctuation or grammar errors. Being able to write clearly and concisely with excellent literacy skills is a skill that will follow you forever, and I want to help give this to you. A document with no literacy errors lets the reader know that you are not only intelligent but professional as well, and that you are someone with whom to do business. Let me prove this to you! I will proofread and edit minor errors on any document FASTER THAN YOU EXPECT! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Why do you need my product/service? 

Constructing a document without any writing errors tells the reader that the writer is a professional and worth dealing with. A document that is full of errors, even minor ones, shows a lack of attention to detail and possibly not worth the risk. I provide very detailed proofreading and minor editing services for any document. 

What are the benefits/solutions you get from my service? 

I provide a very detailed proofreading service that leverages on my experiences as an Army literacy instructor. The Australian Army demands high writing standards from all members and provides the training to allow this to happen. Therefore, I look for even the tiniest of writing errors, no matter how minor, and correct them accordingly

What set me above and apart from my competitors? 

I am very particular and very picky when looking for writing errors. Some might call it anally-retentive and bordering on OCD! The standards in the Army at which I instructed literacy were extremely high, and I find that I am very good at it finding writing errors that may distract the reader. I feel that no document, when exchanged with another person, should have any errors. I want to allow a customer to be thought of as someone who produces high quality, professional-looking documents. If I'm not happy with the document, then there's no reason why the purchaser should be either. 

Where can you find me?

Follow me here.

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