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Offering service contracts can be used as one of your customer retention strategies. If possible consider setting up a maintenance program on a number of services that your customers can get at no additional charge in exchange for a small membership or signup fee.

Every time you get a new customer, offer a discount amount equal to the amount of the service contract if a service contract is entered on the spot.

With such service contracts in place, your customers are likely to call you first. The routine maintenance inspection keeps you and your customers connected which can bring you additional businesses when other services are required or desired.

Using freebie and coupon web sites can bring traffic to your web site and increase its search engine ranking. Start with a legitimate freebie posting or add a coupon code to your shopping cart on your web site then submit your offer to various freebie or coupon sites using links that have labels such as “Submit Your Freebie” and “Submit Your Coupon”.

Your freebie can be an actual product or an informational booklet. In general buy one get one free offers are not allowed on freebie web sites. It’s possible and a good practice to track your conversion rates by assigning unique URLs or coupon codes for each site that you submitted your offer to.

Email marketing is still a viable method available to businesses trying to get the word out about your products and services provided that it is done right. Besides being ready with an effective ad, you need a list of targeted prospects.

Email marketing companies charge per name on their marketing lists. Expect to pay reasonable comparable prices for quality leads. Ask around for referrals for a vendor and before you buy your marketing list, ask how their lists are collected and also if they allow you to test sending your email with a small portion of the list. Buying lists that are fresh, targeted and collected using the opt-in method are more effective than renting lists that are outdated, random and collected by combing the Internet.

In addition to targeting the right audience with the right marketing message at the right time, you need to get it out as far and wide as possible. But doing so can be expensive. Consider using smaller ads in a variety of publications rather than one big ad or co-advertise with another small business in the same ad space.

Coming up with an effective ad is not an easy but a necessary task. Review your ads yourself or ask someone else to do it for you. Analyze why they did not generate any interest then build your new ads with some changes, including changes in your approach. Implement the changes incrementally and track them so that you know how well they are doing.

Don’t make a mistake of focusing too much on new customer acquisition and forgetting existing customers. Remember that it costs 10 times as much to attract a new client as it does to retain an existing one so it is equally important that you focus on both customer retention and acquisition.

Small tokens can go a long way to express your appreciation for your existing customers. With a small investment in sending your customer a brief letter with a small gift such as a couple for a free coffee, you will remind your customers of your existence and make them feel that you care.

Establish connections and negotiate mutually benefiting deals with reputation local businesses that sell related products or services and invest as much in client satisfaction as you do. Offer these valuable deals to your customers and they will appreciate your letting them know about potential savings for the products and services that they may need. 

Make it difficult for your customer to forget about you or your services by keeping contact through regular newsletter or e-zine.  Your newsletter or e-zine content can include information from the Internet and information about your latest offerings.  You can write your own articles or get permission from authors to use their articles free of charge provided that you include a link to their website. 

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