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The internet is a crowded marketplace. Getting your content published on legitimate and respected web sites will definitely have a positive impact on your business but to stand out, you need to create content that is current and newsworthy. Establish your credibility and expertise by being first in connecting your content with current issues and events. Be selective with your choice of topics and provide useful information, practical advice and viable solutions to your targeted audience.  To top it off, be bold in making your statements, be brave in holding your stance and be ready to back it up with facts and information. 

Twitter provides quick, easy and inexpensive marketing opportunities if it is used properly and wisely. Make sure your company’s account is used for business purpose only and always use appropriate language and professional behaviour in your communication. Always leave enough space in your message for retweet comment and minimize the number of hashtags in each tweet and the number of tweets per day. Use the service to build relationships and credibility by generating conversations instead of constantly imploring people to buy or checkout your website. Do follow others including your competitors so that you can stay on top of relevant information.

People don’t always see the “features” of your product or service first. What they see are the “benefits” of your product or service to them. To sell successfully, look at your business from your customer’s perspective and always show the common benefits of your products or service. Ask some existing customers why they buy from you and use those answers in your sales approach.

By focusing on your customers and their needs, you will soon find out that selling is problem solving. People are often willing to pay and become an advocate for you if you can provide friendly and sound solution to their problem. Although sometimes your helpful expert advice does not result in an immediate sale, it builds your reputation positively.

Social marketing does not help much if your business clientele is outside the tech-savvy demographic but for most businesses, social marketing strategies that are correctly done can be very effective with virtually no cost at all.

Take advantage of the available platforms and their capability to integrate with others. Avoid duplicating your maintenance effort by centralizing your active participation on one platform by setting automatic synchronization with others. For example, link up your Twitter account with your Facebook account so that information needs to be posted only once. Build your brand by making your account IDs consistent whenever possible and advertise them widely.

Once you setup a few accounts, set aside only a few minutes each day to offer deals, share your expertise and connect with your existing and potential customers. Remember that being responsive and helpful online is just as important as is offline.

You really don’t need a big marketing budget to afford a sales department.  Your employees are your most valuable resources and if you know how to treat them well and give them incentives, they will be your best sales force time and time again.

Consider a referral program where your employees can participate and earn incentives for promoting your business.  If you treat people fairly and run your business honestly, your employees would be proud and happy to become your advocates, promoting your business on your behalf without much cost to you.

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