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My Service Description:

16 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE! Amazing quality custom music any style! Great for podcasts, youtube videos, backing tracks, karaoke tracks, RADIO COMMERCIALS. I can even help with your own song. I DO AMAZING SOLOS! EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)

Why do you need my product/service? 

Finding quality music is hard! You can endlessly search hoping to find what you are looking for or just talk to me and I can make it exactly as needed. 

What are the benefits/solutions you get from my service? 

I can make custom music any style I have played guitar and piano for 16 years and have great software and equipment. 

What set me above and apart from my competitors? 

I do amazing solos and have plenty of experience doing intros, theme songs, sound effects. You name it and I can produce it!

Where can you find me?

Follow me here.

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