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My Service Description:

Check out my demo for a better look into the voices I can do for you at I am a US radio personality with 3 years of voice over experience. All recordings can be sent in MP3 or WAV format and will be in professional quality. The buyer must supply the script and must be sure the script can be read in 100 seconds. The following are some of the voices I can do: Italian Mobster, Southern, Indian, Jar Jar Binks, Gay Man, 45 Year Old Smoker, Snobby Rich American, Commercial, High-Pitch Cartoon Voice, etc. Please ask me about additional voices and larger orders over 15 minutes. 

Why do you need my product/service? 

A voice over can be used for anything! Youtube videos, radio spots, or even TV is a company has the money!

What are the benefits/solutions you get from my service? 

I offer a comprehensive voice over package which has options for background music, sound effects, and rush delivery. 

What set me above and apart from my competitors? 

My vocal range is quite large. I can do impersonations, original voices, and professional sounding voices! Plus I offer a solid 101 seconds of voice over per order and have a 100% feedback rating.

Where can you find me?

Follow me here.

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