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Exploring your business possibilities


Starting a new business is an empowering, exciting experience and its payoff is the control you have over your destiny. Yet the process is also filled with risk so you need the right tools and information to succeed. This section contains tools and resources to help teach, coach and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.

Do you know how to turn an idea into a business and making it successful? It's not easy but it sure can be done! Starting a business, you will need to learn much more than how to identify market opportunities, find resources, train and keep employees, promote your products and services effectively. You will have to believe in your potential to turn dreams into reality. Having a positive attitude will be necessary, especially in tough economic times.


Back to the Basics | Common Cents | Feeding Your Horse | Making Your Money Works for You | Money Makes Money | Spend to Save | Stay on Track

Human Resources

Check Behind the SceneDetoxify | Effective Personnel | Keeping Lifeblood Flowing | Matter of Principles | Mind Digging | Money Does Not Bring Happiness | Nurturing Forces | Positively You | Your Employees Can Make or Break You 


Are Your Marketing Dollars Working? | Be Bold and Brave | Beyond the Obvious | Connecting the Dots | Don't Toss Old Customers | Fish and Bait | Free Is High | Is Anyone Home? | Keeping All Strings Attached | Love at First Sight | Making "First Business" | Marketing Duo | Mind Your Tweet Manner | No/Low-Cost Marketing Campaigns | On the Right Side | Ready-Made Advocates | Satisfied Customers Are Not Good Enough | Solid Base | Stand Up Alongside the Big Guys | The C-crets | The Rights of Ways | What to Do in Slow Times? | When Marketing Does Harm 


Bad Business | Break It or Leave It | Busy Body | Crossing All T's and Dotting All I's | Do You Have the Nuts and Bolts? | Don't Be in the Crowd | Down to the Core | Let it be Fear | Marching Ahead | “Mission Accomplished” | Plan B | Questioning Quest | Stolen Moments


Finding Truth | Head or Tail | Seeking Angels | Tapping Talent


Fail at First Sight | Head into Cloud | Not All Links Are Equal

Social Connection


General Information

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