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We're constantly bombarded with marketing claims of bringing fast, easy business and they are hard to resist.  Have you ever been told that all you had to do was something simple, such as to purchase a top sponsor ad in an ezine, and you spent the money, followed the instructions and did not get the results you were hoping for? 

We need to learn and understand that not all marketing effort is worthwhile or successful.  Testing marketing efforts is critical to your success!

If you have a web site, the simplest way to test is to use an ad tracker.  Ad trackers usually don't cost much and provide you with a way to track each of your marketing campaigns; they tell you how many hits and unique visitors you get from each of your advertising campaigns. By analyzing this information, you're able to gain valuable insight into which of your campaigns are successful and which are not.

If you don't have a web site, consider building one. 

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