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Never use marketing to solve operational problems! Before spending your tight budget on marketing efforts, you should always ensure that the problem is not with your operations first.  Before you spend your money, ask yourself “What’s the problem with my business?” If you can identify that the problem lies with your operations, it can usually be repaired for far less than a new marketing blitz will cost you.

Ask difficult questions and find honest answers about the operations of your business.  Know that a successful marketing campaign that encourages people to purchase your product or service, only to find that the product or service is faulty or the service delivery is poor, will hurt your business in the long run through negative word of mouth. 

So next time before you consider a new marketing plan aimed at boosting sales or countering a downturn in business, remember that you can’t throw money at an operational problem and hope to fix it that way.  You will first need to make sure that your products and/or services are good, your processes and equipment run smoothly and your staff are knowledgeable and helpful. 

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