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Your business needs people.  Your success depends on people.  Keep in mind these simple basic principles with your every interaction will help you build a successful business.    

#1) Be courteous – Use "please" and "thank you" abundantly and always acknowledge people in every kindest ways. Focus on your ultimate goal and know that no matter what you do, you are in a relationship-building business. Show consideration and compassion for all people, whether or not they are paying you. Treat every person with respect and take every interaction as a learning opportunity with an open curious mind and a positive attitude. Over time, your competency, confidence and reputation will improve, so will your sales!

#2) Be helpful – Offer your expert advice and knowledge appropriately and generously. You are here to solve your clients’ problems and to create “win-win” situations. Make yourself that valuable and trusted person your clients can count on. Prove that their money is wisely invested with you over others. Give them reasons to come back to you. Repeat business is good business!

#3) Be fair – Listen carefully to instructions and be patient in getting the information you need. Never assume or afraid to ask when you are unsure. Do everything possible to make yourself more efficient so that you can always deliver your best-quality work on time. Promptly and gladly fix mistakes, sometimes even those that are not yours. Negotiate early and fairly. Effective negotiation means getting consensus, not necessarily giving in or giving up. When disagreements occur, remember these principles, exercise your judgement in doing what is right for you and have the courage to accept the consequences.

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